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Wallpaper borders, wallpaper, wall murals and wallcoverings, discount wall paper borders and wall coverings for home or office interior design, wholesale, commercial and contract sales, with custom designed home decorating ideas with shipping worldwide, a family owned and operated brick and mortar business with over 40 years in the industry. We offer the LARGEST IN-STOCK selection of wallpapers, borders, and murals at 40%-80% off MSRP at the Border Store for Wallpaper Borders, Wall Murals, Wallpaper Border, Wallpaper Murals, Wall Mural, Wallpaper Mural, Wallcoverings, Wall Borders, DiscountWallpaper Borders, Wall Coverings, Wallcovering, Southwest Wallpaper Border, Wall Paper Borders, Wall Covering, Wallpaper And Borders, Wall Border, Kids Wallpaper Border, Wall Paper Border, Country Wallpaper Borders, Mural Wallpaper, Wallpaper And Border, Outhouse Wallpaper Border, Discount Wallpaper Border, Borders Wallpaper Southwestern, Disney Princess Wallpaper Border, Border Wallpaper, Children's Wallpaper Borders, Raymond Waites Wall Border Imperial, Mickey Mouse Wallpaper Border, Wallpaper And Borders Cheap, Kitchen Wallpaper Borders, Wall Painting Border, Precious Moments Noah's Ark Wallpaper Borders, Wallpaper Online Borders, Snowmen Border Wall Paper, Border Wall Paper, Western Wallpaper Borders, Self Stick Wall Border, Sports 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